Church live streaming solution

Connect with your community with Streamlabs Talk Studio


Benefits of live-streaming for churches and house of worship

Allow those that can’t attend to connect with you and your community

Grow your reach beyond your physical presence and connect globally with everyone

Record your live streams and make them available to your community as on demand videos


Easy to get started

No downloads required

No complicated login

Login in seconds and start streaming or recording

24/7 customer support with real people (no bots) who will guide you if you are stuck


Connect with your community and get your message out to more people

Click go live once and send your stream to all major platforms

YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitch, Twitter and more with Custom RTMP

Simulcast and stream to multiple platforms at the same time

Streamlabs Talk Studio has been great in helping me livestream and record conversations. Happy to know that I can broadcast easily, even on the go.

Premiere Gal, 306K subs

Used by thousands of churches and religious communities each month

33% of folks found their community online

Gives people opportunity to connect in peace with your message - many prefer to be alone

Reach people with your message anywhere

Your community can form connections and engage with each other


Raise funds for your cause

Streamlabs Talk Studio is the only live streaming service in the browser that supports donations and real-time alerts

Your community can support you

Over $2.2B in donations were made last year online


Streamlabs Talk Studio is packed with features that are helpful to churches and houses of worship

Invite guests


Real-time chat that promotes discussion and engagement

Stream in high quality audio and video

Customize your layout

Best in class cloud-based infrastructure


Record and leverage your recordings to grow

Record your show within Streamlabs Talk Studio

Or stream and record at the same time

Download your recordings and re-use them any way you want

Feisworld Media

"Streamlabs Talk Studio is a great tool for creators of any kind to get their message and content out, gradually and surely grow their audience over time."

Low Dough Tech

"Not everyone who needs to do a stream is a tech wizard with a super computer. Some people just want simplicity, and Streamlabs Talk Studio has addressed this audience."

Sam Dey

"Streamlabs Talk Studio is a fantastic way to connect with my audience live without the need for any complicated software. It is simple, user-friendly and easy to set-up."


"Streamlabs Talk Studio has been great in helping me livestream/record conversations. I'm happy to know that I can easily broadcast, even on the go."