Podcast recording software

Record a podcast in your browser. Simple and powerful


Easy to get started

No downloads required and no complicated login

Login in seconds and start streaming or recording


Create a great podcast with what you already have

If your computer comes with a microphone and a camera - you are good to go

Nicer hardware helps, but with Streamlabs Talk Studio you can start recording and streaming your podcast shows with just a computer and an internet connection


Invite guests to your podcast

Invite guests to your show

Guests can simply join a Streamlabs Talk Studio stream. No accounts or downloads


Incredible sound and video quality. All the features you need to create a high quality podcast

Stereo sound and mono sound with high bitrate

Noise cancellation and suppression

Echo cancellation

Support for all microphones

High quality recording

1080p HD support

Streamlabs Talk Studio has been great in helping me livestream and record conversations. Happy to know that I can broadcast easily, even on the go.

Premiere Gal, 306K subs

Make your podcast and your livestream look amazing

Overlays, banners, themes, lower thirds

Endless amount of options to customize your show

Intro and outro segments


Record and leverage your recordings to grow

Record your show within Streamlabs Talk Studio

Or stream and record at the same time

You can also record each of your participants' feed separately for future edits Beta

Download your recordings and re-use them any way you want


Monetize your podcast

The only podcast software that comes with donations built in

Let your community support you with real-time donations and alerts

Unlike other platforms, we do not take a cut so 100% of the funds (minus standard processing fees) go to you

Feisworld Media

"Streamlabs Talk Studio is a great tool for creators of any kind to get their message and content out, gradually and surely grow their audience over time."

Low Dough Tech

"Not everyone who needs to do a stream is a tech wizard with a super computer. Some people just want simplicity, and Streamlabs Talk Studio has addressed this audience."

Sam Dey

"Streamlabs Talk Studio is a fantastic way to connect with my audience live without the need for any complicated software. It is simple, user-friendly and easy to set-up."


"Streamlabs Talk Studio has been great in helping me livestream/record conversations. I'm happy to know that I can easily broadcast, even on the go."